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Bitsapp Company

We will help with transformation into an agile company or we will develop your product on the turnkey basis.

We spend a lot of time up front in each of our new relationships understanding who our clients are, who their customers are, and what the goals for both parties are.

This approach helps us understand the data better, identify more accurate KPI’s, and deliver more effective design.


GoLang, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Hanami, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Elixir, Phoenix, Nginx, Apache, Node.js, FireBase, GraphQL, REST, Scala, Python, PHP, Laravel, Lumen, Yii, Symfony, React, Redux, Reselect, Sagas, SASS, css-modules, express, Swift, Kotlin


We render QA and testing services along the whole development lifecycle, including integration testing, regression testing, black/white box testing, environment testing, performance testing, stress testing, localization testing and user acceptance testing.

with us

For each project, we provide a team.
Developers, designers, testers are available 24/7.
As a result, we have high quality, minimal terms
and satisfied users.

We use Scrum, Agile, Kanban, XP or lean development.

Quick response of product teams to market changes;

Understanding of customers’ value expectations;

Attractiveness in the eyes of young professionals;

Increase in the company's profits.


You are in a good company



Do you want truly agile product development?

+65 8200 36-76, Alex

+7 916 489-00-60, Oleg

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We provide outsource team and also different specialists separatly. Developers, designers, testers or another role. You can take the team for project or for hourly payed job.
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